Headlines of the Day 27-05-2024

    Severe cyclonic storm Remal makes landfall; one lakh evacuated in BengalThe Hindu (Page 1)Geography(GSI)
    Hamas launches attack on Tel Aviv for the first time in monthsThe Hindu (Page 1)IR(GSII)
    The spectre of nuclear conflict, once againThe Hindu (Page 6)IR (GSII)

    PM JANMAN: A door to a housing scheme, tribals find hard to openThe Hindu (Page 6)Welfare scheme (GSII)
    The great significance of the ICC’s stepThe Hindu (Page7)
    An overview of Europe’s AI conventionThe Hindu (Page8)IR(GSII)/S&T (GSIII)
    What is the current status with respect to spice exports?The Hindu (Page8)

    India records trade deficit with 9 of top 10 trading partners in 2023-24
    The Hindu (Page10)

    This century, heatwaves are moving slower and lasting longerThe Hindu (Page20)
    Astronomical transients: burning bright in the blink of an eyeThe Hindu (Page20)

    To do list for inflation Indian Express (Page 11)

    Economy (GSIII)

    India’s Education  spectrum Indian Express (Page 11)
    LVM3 commercialisation is a big step forwardIndian Express(Page 12)S&T(GSIII)
    Antarctic TreatyIndia hosts the Antarctic Parliament: The history of the Antarctic TreatyIndian Express(Page 17)IR(GSII)/S&T(GSIII)
    The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) PIB
    IR(GSII)/Economy (GSIII)