B. Singh

Mr. B. Singh



“Education is the most powerful tool which you can use to change the world.” - Nelson Mandela.

Dear Students,

It all started with a small realization, ‘happiness matters the most for all human beings.’ After clearing the Indian Engineering Services and serving as a bureaucrat for a year, I realized that my happiness lies in teaching. This was the basic thought that gave birth to Made Easy as an institution.

The success of Made Easy motivated us to expand our guidance for aspirants preparing for UPSC CSE- NEXT IAS.

NEXT IAS aims to work for all the aspirants nurturing the dream of becoming a civil servant someday. We, as a team, know that dreams cannot be bound by anything - Where do we come from? How were we educated? What have we achieved in our lives? How many times have we failed? etc.

We only know one fact - Those who dream big have the courage to change the world!

It was in 1993 when I was sent to Chennai from my hometown Bundelkhand, to prepare for IIT-JEE exams. As a teenager, who had experienced the separation from home for the first time in life, I faced many challenges adjusting to the new place. Having an educational background in hindi medium, it was difficult for me to follow the english medium lectures at the coaching institute. It was then I understood how important it is to be solution oriented in life!
It is rightly said that, ‘If there is a will, there is a way!’

The moment I decided to improve my English, the alien city and all the problems it created for me became warm and friendlier. I not only completed my coaching classes and all the backlogs, but cleared the exam with flying colors. I could manage to pick myself up and work hard towards my goal because I focused on prioritizing things that gave me happiness in life.

I know that the decision to prepare for the most difficult exam in the country is significant for all of you. The decision reflects your determination and strong will. I, on behalf of Team NEXT IAS, want to assure you that we stand by your side, at each step you walk closer to your dreams.

With empathetic and experienced teachers, we hold your hands when you plan out your strategies for various levels of the UPSC CSE Examination - Prelims, Mains and the Personality Test. Our courses are designed to cater your individual concerns as aspirants, because we firmly believe that this examination requires you to bring out your best and unique traits.

Our guidance program emphasizes skill set development. So that our students are trained to use their resources effectively and come up with flying colors, not only in the civil services examination but in every aspect of life. It is not one examination that determines our worth in life, but all the experiences that we have gained.

We understand that cultivation of the mind means nurturing the ability to think. It is the path from information to wisdom. At NEXT IAS, everyone is available for you round-the-clock. Whenever you plan to give this examination, we are always here, with all our resources, love, and best wishes.

Just like moons and like suns,
With the certainty of tides,
Just like hopes springing high,
Still I'll rise.

At NEXT IAS, you get experiential enrichment by interacting with toppers and getting better ideas for your preparation strategies by directly talking to our subject matter experts. Our classrooms and infrastructure are well equipped to serve students as per their requirements.

I know that all of you have resilience, strong will and whatever it takes to hold good ranks in this examination, this is why I have personally looked to it that all our courses are student centric with highly evolved feedback mechanisms. I am interested in all kinds of feedback that you have.

We, as a team, are available for you when you have doubts and fears. And still with all your apprehensions, when you decide to take one step at a time, one prelims question, one answer writing practice session, one more topic to cover from the syllabus, it shows your dedication and discipline towards the examination. Together, we can expand the knowledge base and our intellectual horizons. And as you emerge transformed and prepared to contribute to the nation at large, we are here to give you the loudest shout out.

B. Singh