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GS + CSAT Pre Cum Main Postal Study course for CSE 2021

Postal Study Course, offered by NEXT IAS, is designed specifically to cater the needs of all the aspirants who are unable to join our classroom batch for any reason. We, at NEXT IAS, firmly believe that quality education is the right of every student and we have made all the necessary efforts to ensure that the study material that we provide is comprehensive, compact, effective and error free.

In order to make the material more interesting, engaging and easy to understand, we have used infographics, flow charts and images to ensure students are able to relate through visualization. The study material is authored by experienced faculties in collaboration with research and development team of NEXT IAS taking into account the syllabus, standards and dynamic nature of the UPSC Civil Services Examination.

The course curriculum is well structured and innovative pedagogy has been followed to obtain target oriented results.

  • The content of the study material is designed as per the latest syllabus and pattern of the Civil Services Examination.
  • The study material is analytical as well as comprehensive in nature to cater the requirements of both Preliminary and Main Examination.
  • The study material has been prepared taking into note the present trends and previous years’ questions of Civil Services Examination.
  • The study material is revised at regular intervals as per the latest happenings, developments and recent trends of the examination.
  • The Study Material is also useful for State Public Services and other Competitive Examinations.
  • 1. Indian Geography and Disaster Management 12. Sciences & Technology
    2. Physical & World Geography 13. Life Science
    3. History of Modern India 14. Indian Society
    4. Indian Polity 15. Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude
    5. Indian Economy 16. Internal Security
    6. Ecology and Environment 17. International Relations
    7. History of Ancient India 18. Governance in India
    8. History of Medieval India 19. Quantitative Aptitude#
    9. History of the World 20. Reasoning#
    10. History of Post-Independence India 21. English Comprehension#
    11. Art & Culture
    # Books of Quantitative Aptitude (19), Reasoning (20) and English Comprehension (21) will be dispatched in the month of January.
    GS + CSAT Pre Cum Main Postal Study course for CSE 2021
    Course Start Date Fee Includes
    GS + CSAT Pre cum Main Available Now Rs.10000
    • E-Subscription of Monthly Current Affairs Magazines of NEXT IAS

    • Online Subscription of General Studies Prelims Test Series (GS (30 Tests) + CSAT) for CSE 2021 is included.

  • Study material will be dispatched in 2-3 Separate Packages
  • The first packet will be sent to the specified address within 7 days of the order