Optional Courses

NEXT IAS Optional Advance Courses are meant for focused and intensive preparation for the Optional Paper of the UPSC Civil Services (Main) Examination (UPSC Mains). Through in-depth discussions of Optional Previous Year Questions (PYQs) and an integrated Optional Test Series, they aim to provide conceptual clarity on key topics along with the skills of interlinking concepts and writing effective answers.

Performing well in Mains Optional Paper is indispensable for one’s selection in the UPSC CSE. This, in turn, requires a thorough understanding of the subject and proficient answer-writing skills. NEXT IAS Optional Advance Courses are aimed to help aspirants toward this by strengthening their grasp on the optional subject and developing a strategic approach to maximize their score in the same.

Overview of Optional Advance Courses

As of now, NEXT IAS offers the following Optional Advance Courses:

  • Economics Optional Advance Course
  • Sociology Optional Advance Course
  • Geography Optional Advance Course
  • Anthropology Optional Advance Course
  • Political Science and International Relations (PSIR) Optional Advance Course
  • Civil Engineering Optional Advance Course
  • Electrical Engineering Optional Advance Course
  • Mechanical Engineering Optional Advance Course
  • Mathematics Optional Advance Course

These courses are aimed to provide a strategic and in-depth preparation for the Mains Optional Paper in a short duration. By ensuring a quick and complete revision of the entire Optional syllabus, they help aspirants develop comprehensive knowledge and all the skills needed to score high in their Optional Paper.

Most of these Optional Advance Courses have integrated Optional Test Series programs, which help aspirants develop effective answer writing skills and become exam-ready for their Optional Papers.

Modes of Optional Advance Courses

Optional Advance Courses are conducted in both Offline and Online Modes.

Who Should Join Optional Advance Courses?

All aspiring civil servants, who wish to strengthen their preparation for their chosen Optional Paper for the UPSC Mains and achieve mastery over the subject, can join the NEXT IAS Optional Advance Courses.

Various formats of these courses are meant for the following categories of aspirants:

  • Aspirants who have already studied their Optional Paper, but want to strengthen their optional paper preparation.
  • Aspirants who want to enhance their knowledge of their Mains Optional Paper.
  • Aspirants who want to prepare their Mains Optional Paper comprehensively and smartly.
  • Aspirants who want to enhance their Optional answer writing skills.

Overall, these courses aim to help aspirants ensure a strategic and holistic preparation for their UPSC Mains Optional Paper to maximize their scores.

How Optional Advance Courses Help You?

  • Prepare the UPSC Mains Optional Paper in a short duration.
  • Get conceptual clarity for high probability important topics of the optional subject.
  • Cover the strategically important topics of the Optional syllabus in a systematic manner.
  • Prepare optimized and effective notes of the optional subject.
  • Get expert guidance and mentorship to keep your preparation on track.
  • Ensure a targeted and comprehensive preparation for your Mains Optional Paper.
  • Develop an effective Optional answer writing skill.