General Studies Courses

NEXT IAS Pre Cum Main Foundation Courses are meticulously designed to cover the General Studies syllabus for both the Prelims and Mains stages of the UPSC Civil Services Exam (UPSC CSE). From laying a strong foundation to developing a comprehensive understanding, analytical thinking, and effective answer-writing abilities, they serve as a complete roadmap for a holistic preparation for the exam.

General Studies (GS) forms the backbone of the UPSC Civil Services Examination, playing a crucial role at every stage of the selection process. Therefore, a strong focus on GS preparation is indispensable for success in the UPSC CSE. NEXT IAS Pre cum Main Foundation Courses for General Studies (GS) help aspirants prepare this crucial section of the UPSC Syllabus in a systematic and comprehensive manner.

Overview of Pre cum Main Foundation Courses

  • 1 Year GS Pre cum Main Foundation Course: It provides a holistic coverage of both the Preliminary and Mains syllabus of the UPSC Civil Services Examination in a duration of 11-12 months.
  • 1 Year Advanced Integrated Mentorship (AIM): Spanning over a duration of around 15 months , Advanced Integrated Mentorship (AIM) provides intensive, result-oriented preparation guidance to excel in the UPSC CSE.
  • 2 Year GS Pre cum Main Foundation Course with Advanced Integrated Mentorship (FAIM): These courses span over a duration of around 2 years. While the first year focuses on building a solid foundation for General Studies, the second year runs as an intensive, process-oriented preparation guidance program.

2 Modes of Pre cum Main Foundation Courses

  • Offline Mode: Offline Pre cum Main Foundation Courses are conducted at different centres of NEXT IAS.
  • Online Mode: Online Pre cum Main Foundation Courses are accessible through online platforms - anywhere, anytime!

Who Should Join Pre Cum Main Foundation Courses?

All aspiring civil servants who wish to start their UPSC preparation journey from a level of no prior knowledge and systematically sharpen their preparation can join the NEXT IAS Pre cum Main Foundation Courses.

Various formats of these courses are meant for the following categories of aspirants:

  • Aspirants who are pursuing their graduation.
  • Aspirants who have completed their graduation.
  • Aspirants who are pursuing masters programs.
  • Aspirants who have already undertaken some foundation courses, but want to enhance their preparation.

Overall, these courses are designed to transform aspirants having absolutely no or little prior UPSC preparation into future bureaucrats of India.

How Pre cum Main Foundation Courses Help You?

  • Build a strong foundation for the UPSC CSE preparation.

  • Cover the vast GS syllabus for UPSC in a systematic manner.

  • Navigate the long UPSC preparation journey in a steady and smart manner.

  • Get expert guidance and mentorship to keep your preparation on track.

  • Ensure a holistic preparation to realize your IAS dream.