An accurate amalgamation of several elements goes into nurturing a sapling, eventually transforming it into a beautiful tree. Dreams cannot be bounded by restrictive circumstances. With this reformative thought process as the cornerstone, despite being in its nascent stage, NEXT IAS embarked on its successful path in the field of UPSC CSE in a grand manner, owing to the perfect mix of required components.

We commenced our journey with 40%, 39%, and 43% of the total selections in UPSC CSE 2018, 2019 and 2020 respectively. With top-notch services and premium faculty as our exclusive hallmarks, we gradually escalated on the path of hard-earned success. Consequently, we owned a whopping 67% of the total result in the latest CSE 2022 with the top ranker being our GS Foundation Course 2022 student, Mayur Hazarika (AIR-05).

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