Postal Courses

NEXT IAS Optional Postal Courses are meant for those who prefer self-study or cannot attend in-person classes. NEXT IAS Books, covering the entire UPSC syllabus for the Optional subject, are provided under this course. Authored by our renowned & experienced faculties and the Research & Development team, these books are highly optimized, comprehensive, and lucid, making Optional preparation easy for the aspirants.

Carrying 500 marks out of a total of 1750 marks in Mains and with a fixed nature of the syllabus, Optional Paper plays a crucial role in deciding one’s selection in the UPSC CSE. Therefore, preparing the UPSC Mains Optional Paper thoroughly and holistically is indispensable for realizing the UPSC dream. NEXT IAS Optional Postal Courses provide aspirants with the best study materials to prepare for this crucial section of the UPSC Mains Syllabus thoroughly.

Overview of Optional Postal Courses

Postal Study Course for Civil, Electrical & Mechanical Engineering:

NEXT IAS books, known for their enriched quality content presented in a highly structured and lucid manner, are provided under this course. These books cover the entire syllabus for the respective Optional subjects in a comprehensive manner.

Mode of Optional Postal Courses

All the study materials under NEXT IAS Optional Postal Courses are delivered to the aspirants through postal mail.

Who Should Join Optional Postal Courses?

All aspiring civil servants, who wish to prepare their chosen Optional Paper for the UPSC Mains from a level of no prior knowledge to a level of mastery over the subject, can join the NEXT IAS Optional Postal Courses.

Various formats of these courses are meant for the following categories of aspirants:

  • Aspirants who are beginning with preparation for their UPSC Mains Optional Paper.
  • Aspirants who have already studied their Optional Paper, but want to enhance their optional paper preparation.
  • Aspirants who want to enhance their knowledge of their Mains Optional Paper.
  • Aspirants who want to get the best study materials for their chosen Optional subject.

Overall, these courses are tailored to enable aspiring candidates who are unable to enroll in traditional classroom programs to prepare their UPSC Mains Optional Paper comprehensively.

How Optional Postal Courses Help You?

  • Build a strong foundation for the UPSC Mains Optional Paper.

  • Get conceptual clarity for various topics of the optional subject.

  • Cover the vast Optional syllabus in a systematic manner.

  • Get the best study material for your optional subject.

  • Ensure a holistic and comprehensive preparation for your Mains Optional Paper.