PAARTH - PSIR Revision Course For CSE 2024-25

Paarth is a comprehensive PSIR revision course led by Dr. Piyush Chaubey, focusing on revisiting the fundamentals of the subject and incorporating the latest developments. The course includes in-depth discussions on previous year's question papers, covering both basic and advanced topics. With a strong emphasis on revision, the entire syllabus is thoroughly reviewed, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the subject. Paarth offers civil service aspirants the opportunity to enhance their knowledge, reinforce key concepts, and stay updated with recent advancements in the field of PSIR.

Key Features:

  • Revision of Entire PSIR Syllabus in 6 Months Duration.
  • Upgraded PSIR Study Material Including New Developments
  • Coverage of entire Syllabus through Question & Answer Format.
  • Brief Discussion of Each Test with Strategized Model Answers.
  • One to One Mentoring with Piyush Chaubey Sir.
  • Total Test: 20 12 Sectional + 4 Full Length + 4 Full Length(After Prelims)

Batch Details

PAARTH - PSIR Revision Course for CSE 2024-25

Mode Start Date FEE Schedule Admission Status
Online (Recorded) 21st August, 2023 Rs. 21,000 + GST View Schedule Admissions Closed