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Sociology Optional Foundation Course for CSE 2024 and 2025

Sociology has long been a popular choice as an optional subject in the UPSC Civil Services Examination. Its appeal stems from the fact that no specialized knowledge or specific academic background is required for its preparation, yet students consistently achieve high scores in the UPSC Mains. With a basic understanding of the subject and its interlinkages, students can excel if guided in the right direction. In line with this, NEXT IAS conducts "Sociology Optional Foundation Course", led by the experienced guidance of Raj Rai Sir. The course aims to provide comprehensive preparation for Sociology optional, ensuring students are well-equipped to succeed in the examination.

About the Faculty:

With over 8 years of teaching experience in Sociology Optional, our faculty possesses a deep knowledge and passion for the subject matter. Their expertise extends beyond theoretical concepts to encompass a comprehensive understanding of social issues.

Having mentored and guided hundreds of successful students for the Civil Services Examination, our faculty is well-equipped to provide valuable insights and strategies for effective preparation.

Their commitment to student success and dedication to the field of sociology make them an invaluable resource for aspirants seeking to excel in the UPSC examination.

Why Sociology as an Optional?

Choosing Sociology as an optional subject offers scoring potential, interdisciplinary understanding, relevance to current affairs, ease of preparation, resource availability, expert guidance and answer writing skills.

  • Scoring Potential: Sociology has a reputation for high scores in the UPSC Mains.
  • Interdisciplinary Nature: Sociology connects with various subjects, providing a broader understanding of society.
  • Relevance to Current Affairs: Sociology helps analyze social issues and societal changes, enhancing comprehension of contemporary matters.
  • Ease of Preparation: No specialized knowledge or academic background is required for Sociology preparation
  • Availability of Resources: Abundance of books and study materials simplifies access to relevant resources.
  • Expert Guidance: Experienced faculty members, like Raj Rai Sir, offer valuable insights and study strategies.
  • Answer Writing Skills: Sociology fosters critical thinking and analytical skills for well-structured answers.
  • Personal Interest: Sociology appeals to those genuinely interested in understanding human behavior and social issues.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive syllabus coverage.
  • Integrated answer writing approach.
  • Thoroughly researched study material.
  • Sociology optional Test Series.
  • Interactive learning.
  • Personalized guidance.
  • Current affairs integration.
  • Revision and doubt-clearing sessions.
  • Previous year's question analysis.

Note : For any query please contact at +91-8081300200

Batch Details

Sociology Optional Foundation Course for CSE 2024 and 2025

Mode Start Date Time Duration Fee
Online 1st December 2023 3:00 PM to 5:30 PM
(6 Days a week)
4 months Rs. 55,000 Incl. GST
Offline 1st December 2023 3:00 PM to 5:30 PM
(6 Days a week)
4 months Rs. 60,000 Incl. GST

Note 1: Discount for Ex-NEXT IAS GS Foundation course students.

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Note 3: Venue: Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi.

Note 4: All Live/Online courses are available on Windows, Android Phone, Apple iOS and IPad. However, it must be noted that they are not available on Apple MacBook.