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World Lagging on Sustainable Development Goals

The recent UN report by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) underscores a critical juncture for global efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. 

An Ageing India: The Magnitude and the Multitude

The ageing phenomenon is the most notable experience of the 21st century with remarkable improvement in human longevity complemented by the lowest levels of reproduction.

Urban India’s Water Challenges

Recently, it was observed as reduced river flows and falling water tables have made the summer harsher in several parts of the country.

India’s Social Safety Net 

According to the ILO’s World Social Protection Report, 2022, India spends too little on social protection. 

Rebooting India’s Prospects Through Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

Recently, it was observed that the Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) could reboot and determine India’s prospects in the world for future generations.

India’s Looming Financial Crisis

India is currently experiencing a credit boom, driven by optimism about the country’s digital infrastructure and financial innovations. However, this growth is not without its challenges and potential dangers.

Imperatives to Enhance Agricultural Performance in India

India's agricultural sector, despite its vast acreage, faces challenges in productivity and competitiveness.

Remoulding the Global Plastics Treaty

As discussions still continue for an international legally binding treaty on plastic pollution (ie the Global Plastic Treaty)

Fiscal Federalism in India: Bridging North-South Gaps

Recent Lok Sabha verdict has brought back regional parties from Andhra Pradesh and Bihar to pole positions

Deepening Crop Insurance Schemes in India

Recently, the Press Information Bureau (PIB) disclosed that the penetration and density of crop insurance programmes in India..