Omorgus Khandesh


    In Context

    • A new beetle species have been discovered in India, according to a paper published in the New Zealand-based journal Zootaxa.
      • The new beetle species was discovered by a  scientist from the Zoological Survey of India, Western Regional Centre (WRC), Pune.

    Key Facts

    • It is necrophagous and also called a keratin beetle.
      1. Necrophagous are arthropods which feed directly on dead remains.
    • This species belongs to the Trogidae family. With the addition of this new species, now there are a total of 14 extant species of this family in India.
    • The beetles of this group are sometimes called hide beetles as they tend to cover their body under the soil and hide.
    • They are not photogenic; they are usually black or grey and encrusted in dirt.
    • Their bumpy appearance is distinct, with short, dense setae all over the body.
    • It is mainly associated with bird and mammal nests or burrows.


    • The beetle is important for forensic science as it helps detect the time of death of an animal or human. 

    Source: DTE