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    Relevance for Prelims and Mains  

    GS 2



    After symbol setback, Uddhav raises pitch: Thief must be taught lesson, EC acting like PM’s slave


    (Indian Constitution)

    What is the role of ECI in allocating symbols? Know about the merits and loopholes in anti-defection law. Way ahead.

    GS 1 / 2


    Nagaland women outperform men in voting, but none has ever got enough votes to win


    (Issues Related to Women / Govt. Policies and Interventions)

    Why even after multiple Assembly polls in Nagaland, no women ever managed to win a single seat? Know about the steps taken by the govt to increase women’s representation in the State. Way ahead.

    GS 2 / 3


    Budget (3): Abandoning the poor


    (Issues Relating to Poverty & Hunger / Economy)

    Who are the poor in India? What are the steps taken by the Union Government in Budget 2023-24 for the marginalised section of society? Way ahead.

    GS 2


    Finland will not wait for Sweden to join NATO


    (International Groupings)

    What is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and why do countries like Finland, Sweden, and Ukraine want to join it? Its implication and the way forward.

    GS 3


    GST Council reaches consensus to create tribunal, new rate cuts



    Know about GST appellate tribunal and why even after five years since the introduction of GST, the GST Appellate Tribunal (GSTAT) has not been set up?