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    Relevance for Prelims and Mains  

    GS 2




    SC quashes a year’s suspension of 12 Maharashtra BJP MLA


    States must decide on SC/ST quota in promotions: Supreme Court

    (Polity and Governance )

    Know about the recent step of The Supreme Court to revoke the one-year suspension of 12 Maharashtra BJP legislators, Arguments By the Supreme Court, Provisions for Suspension of a Member of Parliament, For how long can an MLA be suspended?


    Supreme Court Directive on Quota in Promotions, its implications and what are constitutional Provisions for Promotion in Reservation?


    GS 2


    Willing to talk to Pakistan on pilgrim flights: India


    Don’t want wars, but won’t let interests be ignored: Russia


    India closely following

    developments in Ukraine


    (IR )

    Why India is willing to engage” in talks with Pakistan on upgrading the 1974 joint protocol on religious pilgrimages, objectives behind it, how will impact bilateral relations between India and Pakistan?


    Recent step of Russia to engage with U.S. security proposals, Russia-Ukraine tensions, factors, concerns, impact on regional and global peace and security. Involvement of the US, Turkey and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), why India is monitoring the situation in eastern Ukraine?

    GS 3



    Tiger enumeration

    begins at BRT Reserve


    (Environment  )

    Learn facts related to Biligiri Ranganathaswamy Temple

    (BRT) Tiger Reserve

    GS 3




    To the poll booth, with no donor knowledge


    (Economy )

    Know how political parties are funded, about Electoral Bond scheme, key provisions and concerns highlighted time and again. Supreme Court’ stance over the issue, key analyis and way forward 

    GS 2




    Graft talk and the top court’s inexplicable silence 


    What is corruption? Reason for corruption in India, Consequences of corruption, what is the present status of Corruption in the Judiciary? The recent statement of former Chief Justice of India in this context, its implications and what lies ahead?

    GS 2


    At the Centre 



    Major takeaways from India-Central Asia virtual summit, How ties between India and the region have been historically close? issues and steps are taken in this context.

    GS 3


    Philippines inks $375 mn BrahMos missile deal



    Learn facts related BrahMos missiles

    GS 2


    The study raises concerns on NeoCov


    Know about NeoCov and studies related to it 

    GS 2


    FTA dialogue productive: U.K. and India


    Significance of first round of discussion for the ambitious Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between India and UK.

    GS 3


    Banks to transfer 15 NPAs worth ?50,000 cr. to NARCL


    RBI’s accommodative approach has served the country well: Patra



    Know about Non-Performing Asset (NPA), What is a bad bank? Bad bank history in India, How do bad loans affect the economy?Issues associated with the bad bank, key analysis and way forward 


    Reserve Bank of India‘s decision to continue with an accommodative policy stance, its objectives, criticism