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    Relevance for Prelims and Mains  

    GS 3



    Govt misled House on Pegasus, says Congress; moves privilege motion

    (Cyber Security)

    What do we know about Pegasus? What is known about the use of Pegasus in India? Does India have laws against unauthorised hacking?

    GS 3


    Budgeting for farmers 


    What is the current status of the agriculture sector? What are the problems in the agriculture sector? What Indian agriculture needs from the budget? What should be the priorities for agriculture?

    GS 2


    Case for a health booster 

    (Health )

    How can the Union budget of 2022 can add further momentum to our health system transformation? What is the present annual government health expenditure (Union and State combined), what are the initiatives taken in this context, issues linked them, suggest further essential steps to tackle them 

    GS 2



    Ukraine, Russia and India


    In India visit by Oman’s Al Zaabi, old friendship and strategic ties 


    ( IR)

    Know about Ukraine -Border issues, What are Russia’s intentions, why is the West concerned, What are India’s stakes in its ties with Ukraine and Russia? Where does India stand on this? Is India worried about the Russia-China axis?


    Why is Oman important from defence and strategic points of view? Is there a history of India-Oman ties? So, Sultan Qaboos had helped India in what ways? How many Indians are there in Oman? What’s the significance of the Duqm port? So, what’s on the agenda of the Oman defence official’s visit?