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    Relevance for Prelims and Mains  

    GS 2




    Putin orders nukes on alert after west removes Russian banks from SWIFT  

    What Russia stands to lose 

    The Abstention 

    The other oil

    So that the war doesn’t hit us 



    Why there is a dramatic escalation of East-West tensions over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine? historical background, its impact on global commodity prices, West’s response and what are the financial sanctions imposed against Russia? their ramifications on India & the world, India’s abstention on the United Nations Security Council draft resolution, what lies ahead?

    GS 1



    Triple Talaq a social evil 80% drop in cases since a law enacted: PM Modi 

    (Women Related Issues )

    What is Triple Talaq? cases associated with this, issues, laws and safeguards against Triple Talaq.


    GS 2


    The german turnaround 


    SWIFT: what it is, and how limiting Russia access helps 



    How Germany has changed its policy on Ukraine over the past week? and way ahead 


    What is SWIFT? What does the move aim to achieve?

    GS 3




    ISS, Russia’s participation, and its threat to let it fall to Earth 


    How the tension following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could have consequences for the International Space Station (ISS)? And what is ISS?

    GS 3


    Credit score misused: How to fix this key metric 



    Importance of credit score in getting a loan and How does one get their credit score fixed? Where does one go if the issue remains unresolved? How does one file a complaint with the Ombudsman? Has India seen a rise in such complaints?