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    Relevance for Prelims and Mains  

    GS 3

    1,12 & 15

    GDP growth rate revised down to 8.9%, construction sector contracts

    Steady but slow 

    GDP 2nd Advance Estimates: what’s changed since 1st, what it means


    What are the second advance estimates of national income released by the National Statistical Office (NSO)?Its comparison with The Reserve Bank of India(RBI’s) data,How many revisions of GDP estimates are done, and why?

    GS 3

    1,6 &15


    IPCC alarm bell:climate change effect worse than earlier 

    IPCC report: Heat, humidity, sea rise to make India uninhabitable if emissions not cut

    IPCC report warns of malaria outbreak in Himalayan region


    Reading new climate report


    Key takeaways from the second part of IPCC’s sixth assessment report,why multiple disasters induced by climate change are likely to emerge in different parts of the world in the next two decades? What is the Paris Agreement?

    GS 2


    12 &13

    India sends aid to Ukraine today, 4 ministers to help in evacuation


    Failed by the west 

    United against strongmen


    What are the diplomatic efforts being taken to evacuate Indian nationals stuck in cities and border points of Ukraine?What is the existential crisis that Ukraine faces today,How Western powers contributed to Ukraine’s plight? Its ramifications on India and the world ,India’s stand and what lies ahead ?

    GS 2




    Misreading defection law 

    (Polity and Governance

    Features of 10th schedule of the constitution, significance of anti- defection law,dismissal, exceptions and judicial review of the decision.

    concerns associated with its misuse and measures to improve its transparency.

    GS 3


    Swift hit on russia roils rouble ,markets ;crude back over $100

    Protectionism hurts :why is  panagariya batting for open trade 



    What is SWIFT?What does the move aim to achieve?


    How is protectionism holding back economic growth?What are other key economic concerns?