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    Relevance for Prelims and Mains  

    GS 1




    Babasaheb – The Grand Musical: a splendid showcase of leader’s life

    (Significant Personalities )

    Learn facts related to Dr B.R. Ambedkar and his contributions 

    GS 2


    Hijab row: HC reserves verdict on pleas

    (Polity and Governance)

    What is the recent verdict of the High Court of Karnataka on the petitions filed by nine Muslim girl students, questioning the denial of permission to wear hijab (headscarf) in classrooms? What is the government order? and constitutional safeguards for Religious Freedom.

    GS 2



    Putin’s moves are hardly ‘chess thumping’

    Inflection point for the West-led global order

    The perfect storm


    Troubled waters



    What’s the issue between Russia and Ukraine? why do Russia, the US and Europe care so much about Ukraine?

    What are the objectives of the special military operations of Russia? What led to it? background, what are the sanctions imposed by the U.S., the European Union (EU), the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Japan, their economic ramifications, Russia-China ties at this juncture, how does it affect India’s interest and associated concerns and way forward.


    Know about the India-Sri Lanka fishing conflict, Reasons for the continuation and What should be a lasting solution to the issues facing fisherfolk on both sides?

    GS 3



    The clouds over SilverLine


    What is the SilverLine project? What was the need for the SilverLine project? What are the key features of the project?

    Where does the project stand now? Why are there protests against the project? And what lies ahead?

    GS 3




    Clarify legality of bitcoin,

    SC tells government



    What has been India’s approach to digital currency? What is the debate around the legality of cryptocurrencies after the announcement of a 30% tax?


    GS 3


    ‘India explores setting up rupee trade accounts with Russia to soften sanctions blow’


    Peace critical for sustaining global recovery: Sitharaman

    Russia-Ukraine crisis to

    further choke coal supply

    War has put Indian coffee exports to Ukraine in jeopardy


    What is the present status of India -Russia trade ties?

    What are the ramifications of Western sanctions imposed on Russia after its invasion of Ukraine? how will it affect the Indian economy, why the current crisis has put Indian coffee exports to Ukraine and neighboring countries in jeopardy

    and what needs to be done in this context?