Headlines of the Day 24-1-2024


    PIB,  Indian Express, AIR

    HeadlineSourceSyllabusKey points to know
    Maldives rules out research by Chinese vessel in its watersThe Hindu(Page 1)IR (GSII)– What is Xiang Yang Hong 03?
    – Is China’s scientific research ships a threat in the Indian Ocean region?
    D.K. Basu judgmentThe Hindu(Page 1)Governance (GSII)– What is the D.K. Basu judgment of 1996?
    – Its significance
    Karpoori ThakurThe Hindu(Page 4)Social Justice (GSII)– Who was Karpoori Thakur?
    – His contributions
    Minority institutions The Hindu(Page 6)

    Polity and Governance (GSII)– What is a minority institution?
    – What does Article 30 of the constitution say about it?
    – Is the right to establish minority institutions contingent on State recognition?
    The larger message to New Delhi from the Red SeaThe Hindu(Page 8)
    IR (GSII)
    – What is the significance of the Red Sea for India?
    – What are India’s continental and maritime challenges?
    – What needs to be done?
    The truth about India’s booming toy exportsThe Hindu(Page 8)
    Economy (GSIII)
    – What is the significance of the toy industry for the Indian economy?
    – Its challenges and the way forward
    The need to overhaul a semiconductor schemeThe Hindu(Page 9)
    Economy (GSIII)
    – What is the Design Linked Incentive (DLI) Scheme?
    – Its significance for the semiconductor industry
    Rising gap in incomesThe Hindu(Page 10)Economy (GSIII)– What does income gap mean?
    – Why is it on the rise? Challenges it poses
    – What needs to be done?
    Gender equity in educationThe Hindu(Page 11)
    Society (GSI) / Governance (GSII)– What is Gender equity in education?
    – Why is there a need to focus on early childhood education?
    Vaibhav scheme The Hindu(Page 14)S&T (GSIII)– What is Vaibhav scheme?
    – Its aims and objectives 
    Torkham borderThe Hindu(Page 15)Places in news (GSI)– What are the key facts related to the Torkham border?
    Pulsar The Hindu(Page 20)
    S&T (GSIII)– What is a pulsar?
    – How physicists are making sense of the mystery of pulsar glitches?
    Indian Express(Page 10)IR (GSII) – Why is France important to India?
    – What are the key areas of cooperation between the two nations?
    AI era in politics Indian Express(Page 10)
    Governance (GSII) / S&T (GSIII)– What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?
    – What are the advantages and disadvantages of its use in Politics?
    Basic Structure doctrine Indian Express(Page 11)
    Governance (GSII)

    – What is Basic Structure doctrine?
    – Its significance for Indian democracy
    Centre’s sovereign AI push: Compute mission may get over Rs 10,000 crore outlayIndian Express(Page 15)S&T (GSIII) – What is the Centre’s sovereign AI push?
    – Its significance
    The rooftop solar planIndian Express(Page 16)Environment (GSIII)– What is the Pradhan Mantri Suryodaya Yojana?
    – Its significance
    pact to supply Green Ammonia from India to JapanPIB
    IR (GSII)– What is Green Ammonia? 
    – What are the key areas of cooperation between India and Japan?
    National Ropeways Development Programme “Parvatmala Pariyojana”PIBEconomy (GSIII)– What is Parvatmala Pariyojana?
    – Its significance
    ROSHNI-CWCSAPIBGovernance (GSII)– What is ROSHNI – Centre of Women Collectives led Social Action (CWCSA)?
    Sweden set to become NATO member as Turkey approves its membership bidAIRIR (GSII)
    – What is NATO?
    – Its objectives, members and history