Headlines of the Day 23-02-2024

    HeadlineSourceSyllabusKey points to know
    Raisina DialogueThe Hindu(Page 1)IR (GSII) 
    – What is the Raisina Dialogue?
    – Its significance for India
    ‘No need to amend Wildlife Protection Act’The Hindu(Page 3)Environment (GSIII) – What are the key provisions of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972? 
    – Its significance
    In a tough world, the beacon of U.K.-India strategic tiesThe Hindu(Page 10)IR (GSII) – Why is the U.K. important for India?
    – Key areas of cooperation between the two nations
    InterpolThe Hindu(Page 12)IR (GSII)– What is Interpol?
    – Its roles and responsibilities
    ₹19,000-crore Navy deal for 200 BrahMos approvedThe Hindu(Page 14)Defence (GSIII)– What are the key facts related to the BrahMos missiles?
    World’s race to eradicate Guinea worm disease nears the finish lineThe Hindu(Page 22)

    Health (GSII) / S&T (GSIII)
    – What is the Guinea Worm Disease?
    – Its causes, symptoms and treatment
    Mahamastakabhisheka MahotsavaThe HinduArt and Culture (GSI)

    – What is Mahamastakabhishekam Mahotsava?
    – Its significance
    regulatory environment of space sectorThe Hindu(Page 10)
    Space (GSIII) – How significant is India’s space sector?
    – What are the steps taken by the government for its promotion?
    It is the conditioning of the Agniveer that merits attentionThe Hindu(Page 10)
    Defence (GSIII)

    – What is Agnipath scheme?
    – Its significance, concerns and the way forward 
    Regional benches of the Supreme CourtThe Hindu(Page 11)
    Judiciary (GSII)

    – Should India have regional benches of the Supreme Court?
    – What will be its impact?
    EU mulls sweeping forced labourThe Hindu(Page 12)IR (GSII) / Economy (GSIII)– What is forced labour?
    – How are they regulated in India and around the world?
    India to open diplomatic mission in Albanian capitalThe Hindu(Page 14)IR (GSII)– What is the significance of Albania for India?
    – What are the recent developments between the two nations?
    The women of ASHA: overworked, underpaid and on the edge of breakdownThe Hindu(Page 22)Polity and Governance (GSII)– Who are ASHA workers, and what do they do?
    – Challenges they face
    – What needs to be done?
    Snake bite The Hindu
    S&T (GSIII) / Health (GSII) – Snakebite: India’s silent killer
    – What are the steps taken by the government for its mitigation?
    In 2023, India hit target towards eliminating Kala Azar, first timeIndian Express(Page 1)
    Health (GSII)– What is Kala Azar?
    – Its causes, symptoms and treatment
    Dues pending, Gujarat hospitals won’t accept PMJAY patients from February 26-29Indian Express(Page 8)Health (GSII)– What is Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY)?
    – Its objectives
    SC judgments on electoral bonds and Chandigarh mayoral electionIndian Express(Page 10)

    Polity and Governance (GSII)– What is the significance of the SC’s judgment on electoral bonds and Chandigarh mayoral election? 
    How to make MSP workIndian Express(Page 11)
    Indian Express(Page 15)
    Economy (GSIII)– What is MSP?
    – Its significance,challenges and the way forward
    Meiteis in ST list: Manipur HC deletes contentious clauseIndian Express(Page 12)Polity and Governance (GSII)
    – Who are Meiteis?
    – Key facts related to them
    Kiru Hydel ProjectIndian Express(Page 15)Economy (GSIII) – What is the Kiru Hydel Project?
    – Its significance
    Russia captures Avdiivka: What this means for Ukraine, the war, and EuropeIndian Express(Page 15)Places (GSI) / IR (GSII)– What is the strategic importance of Avdiivka and what does its fall mean for the Russia-Ukraine war? 
    CBSE’s open book exam planIndian Express(Page 15)Education (GSII)– CBSE’s open book exam plan: What is it and how can it impact students?
    Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment provides grants to 639 projects under Integrated Programme for Senior Citizens schemePIBSocial Justice (GSII)– What are the steps taken by the government for the welfare of Senior Citizens?
    – What more needs to be done?
    Dubai introduces 5-year multiple entry visa for Indian tourists to enhance travel and economic tiesAIRIR (GSII)– Why is the United Arab Emirates (UAE) significant to India?
    – Key areas of cooperation between the two nations