Headlines of the Day 22-04-2024

    HeadlineSourceSyllabusKey points to 
    Section 70 of PMLAIndian Express(Page 1)Money Laundering (GSIII)– What is section 70 of PMLA?
    – Its significance
    Israel – Iran conflict and global repercussions Indian Express(Page 8)IR (GSII)
    – What are the reasons behind the Israel – Iran conflict?
    – Its global repercussions
    story of indelible inkIndian Express (Page 12)Polity and Governance (GSII)– What are the key facts related to the indelible ink used in elections?
    Fourth global mass coral bleaching triggered:Indian Express (Page 12)Environment (GSIII)– What are corals and why are they important?
    Climate change litigation The Indian Express (Page 12)Environment (GSIII)– How Supreme Court’s verdict on climate change can push climate litigation in India?
    Direct tax collections The Indian Express (Page 13)Economy (GSIII)– What are the key facts related to the Government’s recent net direct tax collections?
    Health insurance for your ageing parents is now possible as IRDAI scraps age limitThe Indian Express (Page 13)

    Governance (GSII) / Health (GSII)– Recently, IRDAI removed the age bar for purchasing health insurance. What will be its significance?
    Amid avian flu fears, more birds culled in Alappuzha districtThe Hindu)Page 5Health (GSII)– What is avian flu?
    – Its causes, symptoms and treatment
    Preparing India for water stress, climate resilience

    The challenges of renewable energy
    The Hindu(Page 6)The Hindu(Page 7)

    The Hindu(Page 7)

    Environment (GSIII)

    Environment (GSIII)
    – How is India addressing its water stress challenge?
    – What more needs to be done?

    – What is renewable energy? Its significance 
    – Challenges associated with it and the way forward
    On the fall in household savings
    The Hindu(Page 8)
    Economy (GSIII)– Why is there a fall in India’s household savings?
    – Its impact on economic stability
    Australia to deepen ties with ‘top-tier partner’ IndiaThe Hindu(Page 10)
    IR (GSII)– Why is India significant to Australia?
    – Key areas of cooperation between the two nations
    Mpox virus The Hindu(Page 18)S&T (GSIII) / Health (GSII)– What are the key facts related to the Mpox virus?
    AntihistamineThe Hindu(Page 18)S&T (GSIII)– What are the key facts related to Antihistamine?
    Mahavir JayantiPIBArt and Culture (GSI)– What is the significance of the Mahavir Jayanti?
    Exercise Poorvi LeharPIBDefence (GSIII)– What are the key facts related to the Exercise Poorvi Lehar?