Headlines of the Day 20-12-2023


    PIB, The Hindu, Indian Express, Mint, AIR

    HeadlineSourceSyllabusKey points to know
    Suspensions continue as 49 more MPs face actiondisruptions and mass suspension of MPsThe Hindu: (Page 1)

    Indian Express(Page 10)
    Polity and Governance (GSII)– What are the rights and privileges of the members of parliament?
    – What are the rules related to their suspensions? 
    Tamil Nadu Minister Ponmudy convicted, faces disqualificationThe Hindu: (Page 1)Polity and Governance (GSII)– How MLA/MP are disqualified?
    – How is it different from the  suspension?
    India’s shift in dietary habitsThe Hindu: (Page 10)Health (GSII)– What are dietary habits?
    – Is there a shift in India’s dietary habits? Its impact
    India’s ethanol conundrumThe Hindu: (Page 11)Environment (GSIII)– What is ethanol?
    – How is it regulated in India? 
    Dharavi Redevelopment ProjectThe Hindu: (Page 12)Economy (GSIII)– What is the Dharavi Redevelopment Project?
    – Its significance
    Criminal law Bills

    The Hindu: (Page 14)Polity and Governance (GSII)

    – What are the three redrafted Bills that seek to replace the British-era criminal laws?
    – Its key provisions
    House panel doubts Centre’s data on lumpy skin diseaseThe Hindu: (Page 16)
    Health (GSII)
    – What is lumpy skin disease?
    – Its causes, symptoms and treatment
    RBI tightens norms for AIF investmentsThe Hindu: (Page 17)Economy (GSIII)– What are the Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs)?
    – How are they regulated in India?
    Animals ability to see in the darkThe Hindu: (Page 22)S&T (GSIII)– What is Photoreception?
    – How do animals see in the dark?
    Gyanvapi case 

    Indian Express(Page 1)Indian Express(Page 13)History (GSI) / Polity and Governance (GSII)

    – What is the Gyanvapi issue?
    – What is the 1991 suit, why was it revived?
    Lok Sabha passes three key BillsIndian Express(Page 6)Polity and Governance (GSII)– What are the recent three bills that were passed by the lok sabha?
    – Its significance
    WHO tags JN.1 strain as ‘variant of interest’ as Covid cases riseIndian Express(Page 8)Health (GSII)  – What are the key facts related to the JN.1 strain?
    Digital Literacy Indian Express(Page 10)Governance (GSII) – What does ‘Digital Literacy’ mean?
    – Its significance
    Telecommunications Bill, 2023Indian Express(Page 13)Governance (GSII) – What are the key provisions of the Telecommunications Bill, 2023?
    – Its significance, criticism and the way forward
    NEW SWARNIMA LOAN SCHEMEPIBWomen Empowerment (GSI)– What is the New Swarnima Loan Scheme?
    – Its significance
    Operation Prosperity GuardianNews on airIR (GSII)– What is the Operation Prosperity Guardian?
    – Its objectives
    On climate change, India’s challenges leading the Global SouthIndian Express(Page 11)Environment(GSIII)– What is climate change?
    – Steps taken by the India for its mitigation
    IMF’s India exchange rate regime reclassificationIndian Express(Page 19)Economy (GSIII)– What is Exchange rate flexibility?
    – Its importance for india
    Govt allows extra borrowing ceiling of over Rs 60,000 crore to states for NPSIndian Express(Page 19)Governance (GSII) / Economy (GSIII)– What is the National Pension System (NPS)?
    – Its significance