Headlines of the Day 08-07-2024

    New private investment plans slumped to 20-year low in Q1The Hindu (Page 1)Economy(GSIII)
    A law around low-carbon climate resilient developmentThe Hindu (Page 6)Environment (GSIII)
    The ANRF plan has got off on the wrong footThe Hindu (Page 6)Governance(GSII)
    The problem of special packagesThe Hindu (Page 7)Governance(GSII)
    On expunction powers in Parliament

    The Hindu (Page 8)Governance(GSII)

    What is the Internet Archive and why is it facing backlash from book publishers?The Hindu (Page 9)Science and Tech(GSIII)
    Pre-Budget consultations concluded, says MinistryThe Hindu (Page 10)


    Mariamman templeThe Hindu (Page 10)

    Art and Culture(GSI)
    Bail cannot be withheld as a form of punishment, says SCThe Hindu (Page 12)Governance(GSII)
    Jumping genes and RNA bridges promise to shake up biomedicineThe Hindu (Page 18)Science and Tech(GSIII)
    Red flags raised over silver imports from UAE through GIFT CityThe Hindu 

    Kerala varsity to launch genome editing mission to boost pearl spot productionThe Hindu 

    Science and Tech(GSIII)

    Rath YatraIndian Express(Page 7)Art and Culture (GSI)
    India, Pakistan and the Indus: Climate change means the revision of a treatyIndian Express(Page 8)

    What it means — and could mean — to be India’s National Security AdvisorIndian Express(Page 8)
    Internal Security (GSIII)

    priority should be to bridge trust deficit with farmersIndian Express(Page 9)
    factors affecting climate talksIndian Express(Page 9)Environment(GSIII)
    Crop insurance coverage declines in FY24 as four top insurers cut exposureIndian Express(Page 11)Economy(GSIII)
    Digital Bharat Nidhi,Indian Express(Page 11)
    With Russia as PM Modi’s first bilateral visit this term, its importance for IndiaIndian Express(Page 12)
    Why rising Arctic wildfires are a bad news for the world
    Indian Express(Page 12)
    Environment (GSIII)
    World Zoonoses DayPIBHealth (GSII)
    Project PARIPIBArt and Culture (GSI)