Headlines of the Day 06-07-2024

    A.P. in crisis, needs more than special category status: CMThe Hindu (Page 1)Governance(GSII)
    African Swine Fever outbreak reported in Kerala’s ThrissurThe Hindu (Page 6)Health(GSII)
    Kerala village compiles in-depth biodiversity registerThe Hindu (Page 6)Environment (GSIII)
    Spiritual orientation, religious practices and courtsThe Hindu (Page 8)Governance(GSII)
    ‘Modi’s visit to Russia purely bilateral’The Hindu (Page 10)IR(GSII)

    At ₹1.27 lakh crore, defence production registered a new high in 2023-24, says CentreThe Hindu (Page 10)Defense(GSIII)
    2 Gaganyaan astronauts to go to ISS aboard the Axiom-4 missionIndian Express (Page 8)IR(GSII)
    India’s Balance of PaymentsIndian Express (Page 11)Economy(GSIII)
    AphelionIndian Express (Page 11)

    Geography(GSI)/Science and Tech(GSIII)
    How compensation for Agniveers differs from that for regular soldiersIndian Express (Page 11)

    Why China plans to run trains from Kunming all the way to SingaporeIndian Express(Page 11)IR(GSII)
    New criminal codes, not an open and shut caseIndian Express(Page 11)

    The life and times of Muchkund Dubey : India’s diplomacyIndian Express(Page 13)IR(GSII)
    The first Secretary-level meeting between the Defence Ministries of India and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) was held in New Delhi PIB

    Annual Survey of Unincorporated Sector Enterprises (ASUSE) Results for 2021-22 and 2022-23PIB

    SEHER Program PIB

    Women empowerment (GSI)
    Govt Makes ISI Mark Mandatory For Stainless Steel And Aluminium UtensilsAirEconomy(GSIII)

    Global Cereal Production To Touch All-Time High Of 2,854 Million Tonnes This YearAirEconomy(GSIII)