Headlines of the Day 09-07-2024

    trust vote,The Hindu (Page 1)Governance(GSII)
    Karnataka set to begin ‘Naavu Manujaru’ to inculcate social harmony among studentsThe Hindu (Page 3)Governance(GSII)
    Indigenous HPV vaccine, the rhetoric and the realityThe Hindu (Page 6)Health(GSII)
    A brewing duel amid Manila’s dual engagementThe Hindu (Page 6)IR(GSII)
    A moderate voice for Sri Lankan TamilsThe Hindu (Page 7)IR(GSII)
    Share of women in unincorporated sector highest in the southThe Hindu (Page 7)Economy(GSIII)

    What are new provisions for police officers?The Hindu (Page 8)Governance(GSII)
    What are the laws preventing tree felling in Delhi?The Hindu (Page 8)Environment (GSIII)
    In an electric vehicle, what is regenerative braking?The Hindu (Page 9)Science and Tech(GSIII)
    Hurdles in importing diamonds pose a quantum block to research ambitionThe Hindu (Page 12)Science and Tech(GSIII)
    Centre set to tweak criteria for according classical language statusThe Hindu (Page 12)
    ‘India’s employment grew provisionally at 6% in FY24’The Hindu (Page 13)Economy(GSIII)
    Govt. reopens PLI scheme for white goods till October 12The Hindu (Page 13)Economy(GSIII)
    Japan, Philippines sign defence pact amid China concernsThe Hindu (Page 14)IR(GSII)
    Pain-sensing cells are either male or female, finds studyThe Hindu (Page 18)
    Science and Tech(GSIII)

    World’s oldest cave painting was created at least 51,000 years agoThe Hindu (Page 18)Art (GSI)
    Tracking accused on bail by agency violate right to privacy: Supreme CourtIndian Express(Page 8)Governance(GSII)
    India to sign, ratify High Seas Treaty: MinisterIndian Express(Page 9)Environment (GSIII)
    Why India needs to reset its trade policyIndian Express(Page 10)
    Welfarism is not the solution for India’s job problem, skill creation isIndian Express(Page 11)Economy(GSIII)
    Stereotyping differently-abled persons in films, visual media perpetuate discrimination, says Supreme CourtIndian Express(Page 12)
    MSME bodies urge RBI to double threshold period for SMA-2 stressed loan accountsIndian Express(Page 13)Economy(GSIII)
    How climate change fuelled Hurricane Beryl’s record early intensificationIndian Express(Page 14)
    Environment (GS`III)
    Behind Russia’s ‘high income’ rating: Why sanctions haven’t workedIndian Express(Page 14)
    cognitive testIndian Express(Page 14)
    Science and Tech