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    Relevance for Prelims and Mains  

    GS 2




    Agencies flag surge in the number of foreign ultras in north Kashmir

    Reaching out to the ‘undesirables’

    (IR )

    Afghanistan Crisis, impact on global peace and security, how does it affect India’s interest, what steps are being taken in this context 

    GS 2

    12 year old dies as Nipah reappears in Kozhikode


    Nipah virus, Past Outbreaks, Transmission, Signs and Symptoms, Diagnosis

    GS 2


    The key to revitalising India’s reservation system

    (Polity & Governance)

    Why socio-economic caste-based census becomes a necessary precondition to initiate any meaningful reform? about Reservation in India, Constitutional Provisions Governing Reservation in India, Mandal commission recommendations,102nd amendment to the Constitution, Judicial Verdicts, key analysis and way forward

    GS 2


    The judicial role in improving lawmaking


    (Polity & Governance)

    Why the deterioration in the quality of deliberation in Parliament over time has prompted calls for reform from different stakeholders. How can the judiciary play an important role in improving?

    GS 3


    National Monetisation Pipeline and the infrastructure deficit




    About National Monetisation Pipeline (NMP), What is asset monetisation? Its benefits, know about the Government’s plan for it.


    GS 1


    Revise nursing council’s clause for the disabled


    (Personalities )

    Florence Nightingale and contribution