Army to raise Command Cyber Operations and Support Wings


    In News

    • The Army Commanders Conference(ACC) has been concluded recently.

    Major decisions Taken

    •  (ACC) had decided to operationalize Command Cyber Operations and Support Wings (CCOSWs) in the immediate future.
    • Convert the five-year Technical Entry Scheme (TES) for entry of officers to four years from January 2024

    About Command Cyber Operations and Support Wings (CCOSWs)

    • These organizations will assist the formations to undertake the mandated cyber security functions to strengthen the cyber security posture of the Army.
    • CCOSWs are being raised to safeguard the networks and increase the preparedness levels in this specialized domain.
    • Cyberspace has emerged as an important component of the military domain both in grey-zone warfare as well as conventional operations.
    • The Indian Army today is rapidly migrating towards net-centricity, which entails increased reliance on modern communication systems at all levels.
    • A large number of niche (specialized) technology-enabled equipment are being inducted into the Indian Army including swarm drones, loitering weapon systems and ant-drone equipment.


    • Currently India has the five-year Technical Entry Scheme (TES) model. It is now decided to have a four-year (3+1) model, with three years devoted to technical training at CTW (Cadet Training Wings) followed by one year of Basic Military Training (BMT) at IMA, Dehradun.

    Additional Information

    • The Defence Cyber Agency (DCyA) is a tri-service command of the Indian Armed Forces. Headquartered in New Delhi, the agency is tasked with handling cyber security threats.

    Army General Insurance Fund (AGIF)

    • Army Group Insurance Fund (AGIF) is a society registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI 1860.
    • The AGIF administers and funds the insurance scheme for the welfare of Army personnel.
    • AGIF provides life insurance cover to Army pers against all risks including war/ warlike situations, while in service and lump sum maturity benefits are paid at the time of retirement/release/discharge.

    Army Commanders’ Conference (ACC) 

    • Army Commanders’ Conference (ACC) is an apex-level biannual event which is an institutional platform for conceptual level deliberations, culminating in making important policy decisions for the Indian Army. 
    • The apex leadership also brainstorms current / emerging security scenarios and reviews operational preparedness of the Indian Army.

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