GaN Nanostructures


    In News

    • Recently, Researchers in India have shown for the first time infrared (IR) light emission and absorption with GaN nanostructures.

    Key Points

    • This is the first time that infrared light-matter interactions are demonstrated in GaN.
    • Researchers have utilized a scientific phenomenon called surface polariton excitations in GaN nanostructures that lead to light-matter interactions at IR spectral range.
    • This can help develop highly efficient infrared absorbers, emitters, and modulators that are useful in defence technologies, energy technologies, imaging, sensing, and so on.
    • Polaritonic technologies have attracted a wide range of applications, such as secure high-speed light-based communication (LiFi), next-generation light sources, solar energy converters, quantum computers, and waste-heat converters.

    About Gallium Nitride (GaN)

    • One of the most advanced semiconductors
    • It is a widely used material for blue light emission.
    • Advantages: Reliable, compact size, high efficiency, fast switching speed, low on-resistance, and high thermal conductivity.
    • GaN Technology is of strategic importance with its application to 5G, space and defence applications.

    Source: PIB