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    Relevance for Prelims and Mains  

    GS 2


    Window for FTAs shrinks as India braces for set of non-tariff barriers

    (International Relations /Economy)

    What is the present status of ongoing FTA negotiations with the UK, the European Union, as well as the India-Australia Comprehensive Economic Co-operation Agreement (CECA)? their relevance for India, issues and what lies ahead?

    GS 2



    Backed by oli, and other parties, Prachanda appointed Nepal PM 

    (International Relations)

    Know about the relationship between India and Nepal and recent developments

    GS 3




    Citing damage to ancient rock carvings, experts red-flag mega oil refinery project


    Know about Ratnagiri oil refinery and petrochemical complex and its impacts on ancient rock carvings 

    GS 3


    On the anvil: ‘Floating’ solar farms on water bodies, first one at Bawana lake


    What are the benefits and challenges of installing ‘floating solar farms’ in lakes, water bodies, and ponds?

    GS 2


    A partners duty 

    (International Relations )

    What are the key highlights of the third round of negotiations of the India-European Union (EU)free trade agreement? significance, challenges, and way ahead 

    GS 3


    An engine for growth 

    (Science and Technology)

    Know about the culture of innovation backed by a solid base of research and development (R&D) in India. How much does India actually spend on R&D? What is its comparison with other countries and what more needs to be done in this context?