World Sparrow Day


    In News

    • Every year on March 20 World Sparrow Day is observed across the globe to raise awareness and protect House sparrows.
      • The first World Sparrow Day was organised in 2010.


    • History:
      • The Nature Forever Society of India and the Eco-Sys Action Foundation of France came up with the idea for World Sparrow Day. 
    • World Sparrow Day 2022 theme:
      • I Love Sparrows
      • The theme’s major goal is to emphasise people’s passion for sparrows and the seemingly tiny things they do to make a great difference in the birds’ lives.
    • Significance:
      • The day is observed to raise awareness on the plight of the sparrow, which is on the verge of extinction. 
      • Also, it aims to bring individuals together who have a passion for sparrows and appreciate their beauty. 
      • The purpose of World Sparrow Day is not only to honour the event for a day but also to use it as a platform to emphasise the importance of sparrow conservation and urban biodiversity.
    • Threats:
      • Increasing pollution, urbanisation, global warming and vanishing ecological resources.

    Key Facts about the House Sparrow (Passer domesticus)

    • It has been transported all over the world by European settlers and can now be found on two-thirds of the landmasses of the world including New Zealand, Australia, North America, India and Europe.
    • It is only absent from areas like China, Indochina, Japan and areas of Siberia and Australia to the east and tropical Africa and northern areas of South America to the west.

    Source: LM