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    • The third edition of the exercise, titled EX-DUSTLIK would be conducted at Yangiarik, Uzbekistan from March 22 to March 31.
      • EX- DUSTLIK’s is a joint training exercise that is conducted between the armies of India and Uzbekistan. 


    • The Grenadiers battalion that will represent India at this exercise is one of the Indian Army’s highly decorated battalions.
    • The first edition of the exercise was held in Uzbekistan in Nov 2019, second edition in March 2021 in Ranikhet, Uttarakhand.
    • Aim: It aims to provide impetus to the ever-growing military and diplomatic ties between the two nations and reflect the strong resolve of both nations to counter-terrorism.


    • Military diplomacy to connect with Central Asia: The growing military relations with Uzbekistan are part of military diplomacy keeping in mind its connectivity to Afghanistan and Iraq (Central Asia).
      • It is important for India to counter Pakistan in the wake of China’s Belt and Road Initiatives.
    • Counter-terrorist operations: Both armies shared their expertise and skills in the field of counter-terrorism operations in mountainous/rural/urban scenarios under UN mandate.
    • Advanced Technology exchange: Intelligence-based surgical operations, Special Forces tracking techniques, surveillance through a hi-tech command post, slithering operations from helicopters were some of the key elements of the exercise.

    Source: IE