Yes -Tech System


    Syllabus: GS3/Major crops-cropping patterns in various parts of the country


    • The Finance and Corporate Affairs Minister recently made a pitch for generating real-time assessments of likely yields for all essential crops.


    • The demand is in vogue as the country suffers from a want of an automated system of reliable farm output estimation.
    • As of now, we can estimate the extent of land which is getting covered under wheat, but we don’t know what will be the output.
    • A new automated real-time Yield Estimation System called YES-Tech was put in place from this Kharif season for the wheat and rice crop.
    • The system, created with assistance from ISRO and ICAR, will be ramped up to cover other crops, particularly pulses and oilseeds. 
    • That would help the economy much better so that we can plan our imports to ensure that the farmer doesn’t suffer because of policy relating to imports or exports. 

    Source: TH