Duare Ration Scheme


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    • Recently, West Bengal has launched an ambitious “Duare Ration” scheme for providing food grains under the Public Distribution System at the doorstep for the entire population of the State.


    • It is based on the ‘Duare Sarkar’ scheme, a social welfare initiative launched by the Bengal government earlier.
    • Features: 
      • Vehicles carrying rations will reach people’s neighbourhoods and be stationed 500 metres from their residences. 
        • The people will be able to collect their ration from these vehicles. 
      • The State Government would provide around 21,000 ration dealers with the financial assistance of ?1 lakh each to purchase vehicles for delivering ration to people in this manner. 
        • Each ration dealer will be able to appoint at least two people to help them deliver the ration to the citizens. Half of the salary of these workers will be paid by the state government.
      • The people will be informed of the date and time when ‘Duare Ration’ is available via SMS.


    •  To reach the grassroots and avoid corruption in the distribution of ration.
      • This Duare Ration scheme will help the 10 crore people of the State. 

    Public Distribution System

    • It is an Indian food security system for the management of food scarcity through distribution at affordable prices.
    • It was established under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution.
    • It is operated under the joint responsibility of the Central and State Governments.
      • The Central Government, through the Food Corporation of India (FCI), purchases, stores, transports and allocates food grains to States.
      • The States identify eligible families, issue Ration Cards and supervise the functioning of Fair Price Shops (FPSs) etc.
    • Currently, wheat, rice, sugar and kerosene are allocated to the States/UTs for distribution and a few of them also distribute additional items like pulses, edible oils, iodized salt, spices, etc.

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