In Context 

    • People from the Tamil community celebrated Puthandu  on April 14 2022
    •  Interestingly, along with Tamilians across the world, many other Indian communities also celebrate their traditional new year around the same time — Vishu in Kerala, Bihu for those in Assam, Baisakhi in Punjab, and Pohela Boishakh in West Bengal.

    About Puthandu 

    • It is celebrated on the first day of Chithirai (Tamil month) and it also marks the beginning of the Tamil New Year.
    • It is also commonly known as Varsha Pirappu
    • It is also celebrated by the members of the Tamil community in Sri Lanka and those located elsewhere in the world.
    •  It marks the arrival of the spring season. 
    • It falls on the same day almost every year according to the Gregorian Calendar. 
    • History & Significance of Puthandu:
      • Mythology says that Lord Brahma created the universe on the day of Puthandu. 
      • Tamil people believe that the beginning of the new year brings new hopes and dreams. 
      • They celebrate the day with family and friends and enjoy a great feast with high pomp and excitement. 
      • They visit temples wearing new clothes and offer prayers to God to receive blessings for their family.