Digital Nomad Visas


    In Context

    • Indonesia has announced “Digital Nomad Visas” for travellers, to attract more foreign tourists.

    Who are Digital Nomads ?

    • According to the 2020 State of Independence in America Report by MBO Partners, “Digital nomads are defined as people who choose to embrace a location-independent, technologyenabled lifestyle that allows them to travel and work remotely, anywhere in the Internet-connected world. 
      • They are people who work remotely while travelling to different places and spending their earned income in the country they are travelling to.
        • As the pandemic took place most of the workspaces were shifted online, while some offices have begun to open, most organisations have declared remote work.

    What is the “Digital Nomad Visa” Indonesia has proposed?

    • The Digital Nomad Visa would allow remote workers to stay in Indonesia, including Bali, tax-free.
    • It aims  to boost tourism in the country, the visa will be applicable for five years. 
    • Through the visa, Indonesia aims to bring in over 3.6 million overseas travellers into the country over the next year to explore spiritual retreats as well as the ecotourism of Indonesia.

    Nomad visas issued by other countries 

    • Italy in March, released a new permit for non-EU nationals, or digital nomads, who can stay in the country for up to 90 days without a visa.
    • Antigua and Barbuda offer a digital nomad visa for two years where the travellers will be required to maintain their own health insurance.
    • Barbados offers a year-long remote working visa which can be extended further.
    • Other countries offering nomad visas are Croatia, Costa Rica, Georgia, Hungary, Iceland, Mauritius, Norway, and Spain among many others.