Vanniyar Community


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    • The Madras High Court has quashed the 10.5% special internal reservation provided by the Tamil Nadu government to Vanniyars, a most backward caste (MBC).
      • The court said the quota was ultra vires to the Constitution.

    Vanniyar Community

    • Vanniyars are one of the largest and most consolidated backward communities in the state of Tamil Nadu.
    • They had raised massive protests in the mid-1980s demanding 20% reservation in the state, and 2% in central services.
    • Their movement was backed by the Justice Party as well as the Self-Respect Movement.
    • Background:
      • The agitation began in 1986 with activists sending hundreds of letters and telegrams to then Chief Minister M G Ramachandran seeking an audience.
      • As there was no response from MGR and the then Rajiv Gandhi government, agitators started demonstrations in community strongholds, then went on to block rail and road traffic.

    Source: IE