Health Information Management System (HIMS) Project


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    • Recently, the Delhi Cabinet gave a financial nod to its ambitious Health Information Management System (HIMS) Project. 


    • All the medical services will be brought under one platform, through the HIMS portal. 
    • The Delhi government will conduct surveys across the entire State to make sure every citizen can get their eHealth card made.
    • The doctors will be able to see a patient’s medical history using the card and the patients will be able to make appointments from home
    • All citizens between 1 and 18 years would be issued a health card linked to their parent’s health card. 
      • All newborns (up to 1 year) would be linked to their mother’s health card.


    • It aims to give a boost to the healthcare infrastructure.
    •  It will help us know how many beds are vacant in a hospital, the status of medicine stocks and staff, the number of ventilators and any other information about the medical infrastructure. 

    Source: TH