Utkarsh 2.0


    In News

    • The Reserve Bank of India’s Medium-term Strategy Framework for the period 2023- 2025  ‘Utkarsh 2.0’ was launched by the Governor of  RBI.

    About Utkarsh 2.0

    • The first strategy framework (Utkarsh 2022) covering the period 2019-2022 was launched in July 2019.
    • It became a medium-term strategy document guiding the Bank’s progress toward realisation of the identified milestones.
    • Vision: The Vision in Utkarsh 2.0 that will guide the Reserve Bank of India over the period 2023-25 are:
      • Excellence in performance of its functions;
      • Strengthened trust of citizens and Institutions in the RBI;
      • Enhanced relevance and significance in national and global roles;
      • Transparent, accountable and ethics-driven internal governance;
      • Best-in-class and environment-friendly digital and physical infrastructure; and
      • Innovative, dynamic and skilled human resources.

    Source: Zeenews