Silent Valley National Park


    In News

    • A bird survey conducted at the Silent Valley National Park identified 141 species, of which 17 were new. 
      • So far, 175 species of birds have been spotted in Silent Valley.

    Outcomes of Survey 

    • Brown wood owl, Banded bay cuckoo, Malabar wood shrike, White-throated kingfisher, Indian nightjar, Jungle nightjar, and Large cuckoo shrike were among the 17 species newly identified in the Silent Valley.
    • Among the birds they sighted were Nilgiri laughing thrush, Nilgiri flowerpecker, Brown-cheeked fulvetta, Black-and-orange flycatcher, Grey-headed canary-flycatcher, Greenish warbler, Common chiffchaff, Tytler’s leaf warbler, Shaheen falcon, Nilgiri wood pigeon, and Malabar whistling thrush.

    About Silent Valley National Park

    • Silent Valley National Park is a beautiful representation of the last remaining rainforest of Kerala. 
    • It was declared as a National Park in 1984 and formally inaugurated in the year 1985.
    • It is located in the Southwestern corner of Nilgiris. The whole Park is a roughly rectangular tableland closed on all sides.
    •  It has high and continuous ridges along its entire east, north, and northeast borders and a somewhat lower ridge along the entire western and southern border. 
    • A perennial river named Kunthipuzha is passing through the western side of the park, from north to south direction finally merging into Bharathapuzha. 
    • Birds such as the Crimson-backed sunbird, Yellow-browed bulbul, Black bulbul, Indian white-eye, and Indian swiftlet were found in abundance in Silent Valley.

    Source: TH