India’s largest floating solar power project


    In Context 

    • Recently, the NTPC has commissioned India’s largest floating solar power project. 


    • The 100 MW Floating Solar Power Project has been operationalized at NTPC Ramagundam.
    • It is endowed with advanced technology as well as environment friendly features.
    • The floating platform consists of one Inverter, Transformer, and a HT breaker. 
    • The solar modules are placed on floaters manufactured with HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) material.
      • The entire floating system is being anchored through special HMPE (High Modulus Polyethylene) rope to the dead weights placed in the balancing reservoir bed. 


    • Minimum land requirement mostly for associated evacuation arrangements. 
    • With the presence of floating solar panels, the evaporation rate from water bodies is reduced, thus helping in water conservation. 
      • Approximately 32.5 lakh cubic metres per year of water evaporation can be avoided.
    •  The water body underneath the solar modules helps in maintaining their ambient temperature, thereby improving their efficiency and generation.
    • Similarly, coal consumption of 1,65,000 Tons can be avoided per year; Co2 emission of 2,10,000 tons per year can be avoided.