Himalayan Ranges

The Himalayan Ranges: Formation, Divisions, Ranges & Significance

Explore the majestic Himalayan Mountains, a natural frontier shielding India from Central Asian winds and invasions.
Indian Ocean Rim Association

Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA): Objectives, Members and Areas of Priority

The recent meeting of the Indian Ocean Rim Association's Council of Ministers was conducted under the theme of 'Strengthening the Identity of the Indian Ocean'.
Solar Radiation

Solar Radiation, Heat Budget, and Temperature

What is Solar Radiation? The earth's surface primarily receives its energy in the form of short wavelengths. This energy, known as incoming solar radiation or insolation, is absorbed by the earth. Due to...
Atmospheric Circulation

Atmospheric Circulation: Distribution of Pressure, Winds, and ITCZ

The movement of air around the earth's surface is known as Atmospheric Circulation. It explains how storm systems and thermal energy move over the planet.  What is the Atmospheric System? The atmospheric pressure...
Earth's Atmosphere

Earth’s Atmosphere: Compositions & Structure

Introduction The atmosphere is a crucial element of Earth's interconnected physical systems. It consists of layers of gasses that envelop the planet and other celestial bodies.  Earth's atmosphere is primarily composed of nitrogen...
Ocean Currents

Movement of Ocean Currents: Types, Factors, Prominent Terms

The ocean water is constantly changing. Various factors, such as temperature, salinity, density, and external forces like the Sun.
Seafloor Spreading

Oceanography- Seafloor Spreading and Ocean Floor Configuration

This Article deals with the theory of the seafloor spreading and the relief feature of the ocean floor
Distribution of Temperature

Distribution of Temperature and the Salinity in the Ocean

The Distribution of Temperature and salinity of oceans play crucial roles in various phenomena such as the vertical
Hydrological Cycle

Hydrological Cycle: Definition and its Component

The hydrological cycle involves the continuous circulation of water in the Earth-Atmosphere system.
Interior of the Earth

Interior of the Earth: Sources & Compositions

The study of the interior of the earth is not possible by direct observations because of the huge size and changing nature of its interior composition. Thus, it is not possible...

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