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Waggle Dance

The Waggle Dance: Features & Prominent Species of Honeybees

Honeybees have a remarkable method of communication known as the waggle dance. This intricate dance serves as a way for forager bees to convey crucial information about the location, direction, distance, and quality of valuable resources to their hive mates.
Congo Basin

Congo Basin: Location, Geographical Features & Peatlands

Congo Basin, as one of the largest tropical wetlands in the world, carries special significance for not just Africa, but the whole world.
Protected Area Network

Protected Area Network in India

India has established a robust network of protected areas to conserve its rich biodiversity.
Rat-Hole Mining

Rat-Hole Mining: Types, Factors Promoting & Concerns Caused

Rat-Hole mining, an illegal and hazardous method of extracting coal in India, has been in the news now and then.
Environmental Pollution

Environment Pollution: Classification, Causes and Its Types 

Environmental Pollution refers to any addition of unwanted material in the environment due to human activities that lead to undesirable changes in the environment and ecology.
smog tower in delhi

Smog Tower in Delhi: Working, Effect, Concerns and Way Forward

Smog Towers, as the name signifies, are pollution-reducing or air-purifying structures. Large fans take polluted air inside them, pass it through a series of filters, and release clean air.
Carbon Accounting

Carbon Accounting: Explore about Meaning, Methods, Standards, Advantages, and Issues Involved

Learn how carbon accounting helps businesses and organizations measure, manage, and reduce their carbon emissions.
Global Biofuel Alliance

Global Biofuel Alliance: Objectives, Significance, Challenges and Way Forward

Global Biofuel Alliance is an initiative launched by India in the recently held G20 meeting in New Delhi.
Ken Betwa River Linking Project

Ken Betwa River Linking Project

Ken Betwa River Linking Project got the Union Cabinet approval in December 2021. It is the flagship project of the center. 
Agroforestry in India

Agroforestry in India: A Sustainable Land Use System for Prosperity and Environmental Resilience

Explore the concept of Agroforestry in India, its objectives, classifications, and the myriad benefits it offers.

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