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    Relevance for Prelims and Mains  

    GS 2/3



    India’s DPIs, catching the next wave 

    (Polity and Governance/ Infrastructure)

    Know about Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI), What is the present status of India’s digital public infrastructure (DPI)?, initiatives, challenges and way ahead 

    GS 2


    Understanding the Russia-Belarus nexus

     (International Relations )

    Why is Russia planning to station tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus? Is Russia violating any international agreements by stationing such weapons in an ally country? How are the relations between Russia and Belarus? Will this escalate the Russia­Ukraine war

    GS 3


    How to manage India’s solar PV waste problem?


    What is Photovoltaic(PV) waste? issues linked to it and How can the country improve PV waste management?


    GS 1



    How caste discrimination permeates the language of meritocracy on campus

    ( Social Issues)

    What are the causes of caste discrimination in India? nature of caste discrimination in higher

    education institutions, emerging issues, government efforts, and what more needs to be done in this context?

    GS 3


    Army to get satellite, will help provide mission-critical data


    What is  ‘Project Akashteer’? GSAT 7B And Sarang