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    Relevance for Prelims and Mains  

    GS 2




    From 26/11 site, India & US seek listing of terrorists, China says don’t politicise


    (International Relations)

    What is UN Security Council Resolution 1267? Also know about why China blocks a joint India-U.S. attempt to put a Pakistan-based terrorist on the UN Security Council’s 1267 list. Also, get to know about UNSC, and related reform

    GS 2 & 3


    PM floats idea to states: One nation, one police uniform


    (Governance & Internal Security)

    What Is One Nation, One Uniform For Police, Its significance and who decides what the police wear on duty? Also know about various Police Reforms in India.

    GS 3



    Lack of infra development in J&K aided rise in terrorism: Rajnath


    (Economy & Internal Security)

    Know about the major governmental development initiative in Jammu and Kashmir. How lack of infrastructure development helps in spread of  terrorism? Examine. 

    GS 3 & 2


    Don’t rely on auctions alone


    (Economy & Governance)

    What are Spectrum Auctions? Issue related to it. Also know about Draft Indian Telecommunication Bill, 2022.

    GS 1 & 2


    On an equal field


    Closing the Gap


    (Social Issues / Indian Polity)

    Know about the Gender Pay Gap in sports. Its effect on sports/women. Also know about Articles 14, 15, 39(d) and landmark judgments related to this.

    GS 3


    Inflation target: Why is MPC holding a special meeting?



    Know about the provisions of Section 45ZN of the RBI Act 1934, and the Regulation 7 of the RBI MPC and Monetary Policy Process Regulations, 2016. Also know about the objectives of the Monetary Policy Committee?

    GS 1


    Alert as world’s largest active volcano rumbles


    (Physical Geography)

    Know about Mauna Loa, the world’s largest active volcano. Also know about volcanic eruptions and its Consequences.