Headlines of the Day 28-11-2023


    PIB, The Hindu, Indian Express, Mint, AIR

    HeadlineSourceSyllabusKey points to know
    Booker Prize 2023
    The Hindu
    Miscellaneous– What is the Booker Prize?
    – Its significance
    Special Category StatusThe Hindu
    GS 2/ Polity and Governance– Why is Bihar demanding the Special Category Status?
    – What are the benefits which come with the title? 
    – What did the Raghuram Rajan Committee suggest?
    Measles diseaseThe HinduGS 2/Health– What is Measles disease?
    – Its symptoms, causes and precautions
    Gender-related killings of women and girls (femicide / feminicide)The Hindu
    GS 1/Society– What are the key findings of the study ‘Gender-related killings of women and girls (femicide / feminicide)’?
    International Labour Organization (ILO)The Hindu
    GS 1 Society / GS 3 Economy– What are the workings of the International Labour Organization (ILO)?
    – Major reports published by it
    Ayushman Arogya Mandir
    The Hindu 
    GS2/Health– What is the ‘Ayushman Arogya Mandir’?
    – Its aims and objectives
    Indian Express
    GS-1, Culture– What is the significance of the ‘Kambala’?
    Rat-hole mining
    Indian Express
    Economy, GS 3– What is Rat-hole mining?
    – Its significance, concerns and the way forward
    Guru Nanak Dev Ji
    History and Culture; GS 1 – What are the contributions of Guru Nanak Dev Ji?
    Night Sky Reserve at Hanle, Ladakh
    PIBScience and Technology ; GS 3 – What is the Night Sky Reserve at Hanle, Ladakh?
    – Its significance