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    Relevance for Prelims and Mains  

    GS 2



    G­20 presidency is an opportunity to focus on global good: Modi


    Egyptian President Sisi to be chief guest at Republic Day celebrations


    (International Relations)

    What is the significance of G20 presidency for India and know about  G20 .


    Know about India-Egypt bilateral relations and recent developmnets 

    GS 2


    Nitish launches  ‘Har Ghar Gangajal’ scheme at Rajgir

    (Polity and Governance)

    What are key features and significance of   Har Ghar Gangajal project

    GS 1



    It’s time to discuss the depopulation 

    (Population and Associated Issues)

    Know about the present status of India’s population growth, What is depopulation? how can it bring challenges to India? And suggestions 

    GS 2


    Toward legalising same-sex marriage

    (Polity and Governance)


    How do the fresh pleas in the Supreme Court seek to recognise same-sex marriage? What are the existing rights of LGBTQIA+ people in India? Which are the judgments being cited by the petitioners? Where do other countries stand on same-sex marriage?

    GS 3


    What is the PDS scam that has led to a SC listing controversy?


    Know about Public Distribution System and What is the Chhattisgarh PDS scam that led to a Supreme Court listing controversy?

    GS 3


    What is blue bugging, and how is it used to hack Bluetooth-enabled devices

    (Cyber Security)

    What is bluebugging?How does bluebugging hack devices?How can one prevent bluebugging ?Which devices are most susceptible to such attacks?


    GS 3


    India, Australia wargames  to begin today


    Learn facts related to Austra Hind 22