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    Relevance for Prelims and Mains  

    GS 2







    Russia strikes Kyiv as G7 summit opens

    G7 proposes $600­bn global infra plan to rival China


    China upgraded firepower on LAC


    (International Relations)

    What are the focused areas of the G7 recent meet ?Know about Group of 7,its objectives ,What is the G7 doing about Ukraine?What else could G7 countries do?


    Know about the present status of India-China border standoff, What is the new disengagement plan in eastern Ladakh? What does this disengagement process entail? Why has this taken so long? Is the standoff resolved? Key analysis and way forward 

    GS 3


    Agnipath scheme against interests of the youth, says Satya Pal Malik


    What are the features and benefits of the Agnipath scheme?issues highlighted and what lies ahead? 

    GS 3



    Reviving cultivation of a traditional crop in Mysuru 

    (Environment and Biodiversity )

    Learn facts related to Amaranthus 

    GS 2


    Making sense of New Delhi’s Taliban rapprochement 

    (International Relations)

    What are India’s key strategic interests in Afghanistan? How can a potential India-Taliban rapprochement advance such interests? Does the Taliban have the intent and/or capacity to deliver on their promise and vice versa? How would India engage with the anti-Taliban constituencies? How will India’s aspiration to become a global power be served by aligning with an unacceptable regime such as the Taliban?

    GS 3


    Bringing MSMEs into global value chains G. MOORTHY


    What are the contributions of MSME’s in job creation and sustainable development across the world?Impact of pandemic ,potential of India’s small businesses ,MSME development initiatives of India ,issues and what further steps need to be taken in this context ?


    GS 2


    How Hanoi and New Delhi are fortifying defence ties

    (International Relations)

    What are key takeaways of Joint Vision Statement on India-Vietnam Defence Partnership towards 2030?,Potential of India-Vietnam Relations,Challenges in India-Vietnam Relations,Conclusion and way forward 

    GS 2


    Indian laws on abortions 

    (Polity and Governance)

    How did abortion laws come about in

    India? How has the MTP Act evolved from 1971

    to 2021?What is the MTP (Amendment) Act,

    2021?Have there been judicial interventions

    in cases of abortions?What are the criticisms against the

    abortion law? And what lies ahead ?


    GS 3


    Implications of India’s

    new VPN rules

    (Science and Technology) 

    Who all will be affected by the new rules?What is a virtual server, and what are its uses?Can server relocation and virtualisation help VPN providers circumvent the new

    rules?How will the law impact India’s IT sector


    GS 3


    From July 1, Himachal to buy back single use plastic


    Odisha to install siren to caution elephant movement in forest


    What is single-use plastic?What is single-use plastic?How will the ban be enforced?How are other countries dealing with single-use plastic?


    Know about the relevance of the siren system to reduce human elephant encounters and other related steps .

    GS 3


    Decrypting the crypto myth


    What is Cryptocurrency?What are the Benefits Associated with Cryptocurrency?What are the Drawbacks? And ways to handle them.