Headlines of the Day 25-06-2024

    Kerala House passes resolution to rename the State ‘Keralam’The Hindu (Page 1)Governance (GSII)
    Kuki-Zo groups take out rallies in Manipur seeking Union TerritoryThe Hindu (Page 1)Governance (GSII)
    LTTE asked to explain why it should not be declared unlawfulThe Hindu (Page 6)Internal Security(GSIII)
    POCSO cases cannot be quashed citing settlement, says Kerala HCThe Hindu (Page 6)Governance (GSII)
    Srinagar’s ‘World Craft City’ tag will promote global linksThe Hindu (Page 6)

    Art and Culture (GSI)
    The Court spells the way in Himalaya’s developmentThe Hindu (Page 8)Environment (GSIII)/Governance (GSII)
    From China tilt to a balancing with Beijing and DelhiThe Hindu (Page 8)

    Human dignity versus religious practicesThe Hindu (Page 9)Society(GSI)
    The NITI Aayog’s project in Great NicobarThe Hindu (Page 10)Economy (GSIII)
    How the PESA has boosted forest conservation in IndiaThe Hindu (Page 11)Governance (GSII)
    India, Pak. delegations reach J&K to inspect power projects under Indus Water TreatyThe Hindu (Page 12)
    India, Philippines rediscovering each other, BrahMos a game changer: envoyThe Hindu (Page 12)
    Maternity leave for parents of child born through surrogacyThe Hindu (Page 14)Governance (GSII)

    Most Indians want stronger climate action, finds surveyThe Hindu (Page 20)Environment(GSIII)
    Collapse of trust in examination system amounts to a collapse in trust in system as a wholeIndian Express(Page 8)
    Governance (GSII)
    Why India needs one election, one phaseIndian Express(Page 9)
    Governance (GSII)
    The new government’s foreign policy challenge: Economic with the politicalIndian Express(Page 9)

    Governance (GSII)/IR 
    How Public Examinations Act can deal with with cheatingIndian Express(Page 12)
    Governance (GSII)
    Power markets in IndiaIndian Express(Page 12)

    Economy (GSIII)
    Enemy Agents OrdinanceIndian Express(Page 12)Governance (GSII)
    Government offers ten new critical mineral blocks, unveils fresh incentives for explorationIndian Express(Page 13)
    India is hosting 64th ISO Council Meeting from 25th-27th June 2024PIBEconomy(GSIII)
    National STOP Diarrhoea Campaign 2024
    113 Countries Have Never Had Female Heads Of State Or Govt: UN Women Global DataAirSocial Issues (GSI)/Governance (GSII)