Headlines of the Day 24-06-2024

    Tribal Affairs Minister promises to look into forest clearances for ₹72,000-cr. Great Nicobar projectThe Hindu (Page 1)Economy(GSIII)

    Create the space for governance with a green heartThe Hindu (Page 6)

    Indian Railways and safety challengesThe Hindu (Page 7)Economy(GSIII)
    India among a select few countries that have not conducted the CensusThe Hindu (Page 7)Economy(GSIII)

    duties of a SpeakerThe Hindu (Page 8)Governance (GSII)
    How is methanol procured and used as liquor?The Hindu (Page 8)Health(GSII)/Science and Tech(GSIII)
    Is the European Union’s ‘chat control’ law undermining online privacy?The Hindu (Page 9)

    After years, Russia approves draft logistics agreement to be signed with IndiaThe Hindu (Page 10)

    Pushpak, ISRO’s reusable launch vehicle, clears test

    The Hindu (Page 12)

    Science and Tech(GSIII)
    Advisory on organ transplantation may be put up at airportsThe Hindu (Page 12)

    New research heralds breast cancer diagnosis with just a drop of bloodThe Hindu (Page 12)
    Nuclear study provides major update on plutonium isotope fissionThe Hindu (Page 18)
    Science and Tech(GSIII)
    Complex PTSD: When trauma persists…The Hindu (Page 18)Health(GSII)

    India and BangladeshIndian Express(Page 8)IR (GSII)
    Indian agricultureIndian Express(Page 9)
    New MPs set to take oath in Lok Sabha: What is Parliamentary oath, how has it evolved?Indian Express(Page 10)
    Governance (GSII)
    Why the Russia-North Korea pact is a big dealIndian Express(Page 10)
    IR (GSII)
    Estonia looks at Indian partnership to beef up cybersecurity infrastructureIndian Express(Page 11)
    IR (GSII)
    India, Korea start trade pact reviewIndian Express(Page 11)
    IR (GSII)
    Prime Minister pays tributes to Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee on the day of his martyrdom  PIBHistory(GSI)
    birth anniversary of Sant Kabir DasPIB
    Telecommunications Act, 2023PIBEconomy(GSIII)
    Government enhances allocation for Fertilizer Sector under SIGHT Programme of the National Green Hydrogen Mission (NGHM)
    GST Council At 53rd Meeting Decides To Roll Out Pan-India Biometric Authentication To Check Fake InvoicingAirEconomy(GSIII)