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    Relevance for Prelims and Mains  

    GS 2


    Days after Shehbaz Sharif signal, India invites Pakistan’s Foreign Minister

    (International Relations)

    What is the present status of Bilateral Relations between India-Pakistan? recent developments and future prospects .


    GS 2


    Sisi to meet Modi, Murmu today; six agreements being finalised

    (International Relations)

    Know about India and Egypt relations and latest developments 

    GS 3



    Army looks to get hi-tech drones, robotic mules to replace animal transport


    What is tethered drone system?

    GS 3


    A battle fit police 

    (Internal Security)

    What are the outcomes of the conference of the Directors General of Police of all the states and union territories? What are the existing issues associated with Policing in India? Various reforms and What Should be the Way Forward?

    GS 2


    Common code conversations

    (Polity and Governance)


    What Is Uniform Civil Code? objectives ,

     of uniform civil code, challenges,What has the Supreme Court said about the UCC?  and suggestions 

    GS 3


    India Can save $19.5 billion a year with shift from coal to clean power : report


    What are the findings of the latest research by Global Energy Monitor?

    GS 2


    Columbo the view from Delhi

    (International Relations)


    How India views its relations with Srilanka? various deals and agreements, recent updates, and way ahead 

    GS 2/3


    Norovirus cases in Kerala: what is this virus and how dangerous is it?


    What is norovirus and how common are infections?