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    Relevance for Prelims and Mains  

    GS 1



    India as most populous can be more boon than bane 

    (Population and Associated Issues)

    What are the opportunities and costs of being the most populous country? Various emerging challenges and suggestions

    GS 2


    A new edge to the fight against tuberculosis 

    (International Relations)

    What is the relevance of  India-Bangladesh-Japan partnership for Northeast  region ?recent developments and future outlook ?


    GS 2/3


    The EU’s new crypto-legislation


    (International/Sceince and Technology)

    What kind of assets will Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) legislation  cover ? and How is crypto regulated in India?


    GS 2


    How can a juvenile be tried as an adult in Court?


    (Government Policies and Interventions)

    How does a child get tried as adult?What is the role of the Juvenile Justice Board? What are the recently issued guidelines by the National Commission for Protection of Children?

    GS 3


    What is LockBit ransomware and how is it specifically targeting Apple computers?


    (Cyber Security)

    What is LockBit ransomware?How does LockBit ransomware work?How to protect systems against the LockBit ransomware?


    GS 3


    Centre will clamp down on Ponzi apps, says FM


    Know about Ponzi scheme,issues linked to it and ways to tackle them .